I can’t believe the year has almost passed already. In retail it’s the crazy time of year where we are flat out leading up to Christmas Day.  It is also the time where I find myself being thankful for family and friends around us.

Our lives are increasingly busy and I hope that through the busyness of it all, we take time to live in the moment, laugh with our friends, love our family and to help those in need.

In our boutique, we have heard the most amazing and most heart wrenching stories from women who are shopping for dresses. I have found this one of the most rewarding parts of owning a boutique for women, that we are able to open up and have the conversations we may need, whether it be around having kids, laughing about parenthood, sharing tears with clients who suffered great loss or even abuse in their lives.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity I’ve had in my fashion boutique and I hope that in someway we’ve made a difference in people’s lives not just with fashion!!  We love looking after you all and look forward to seeing you all before Christmas!

Life is moving at such a fast pace – let us all take a few minutes and enjoy the great moments we have with our family & friends!

Love Jade & the ORIRI girls xx




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