Our Top 5 Last Minute Gifts for Mum

“My most treasured part of life is my children,” Jade tells us.  “It’s tough being in business as a mum and I’m always pushing to get to places on time, get the boutique open or answer phone calls. Yesterday we had to rush to the shop before school to grab something and I said to my daughter, Aviana, we would be late now because it could have waited (it was just sunscreen!) to which she replied, ‘You know Mum, you just need a little patience. We will be fine… Just try…’”

“Very poignant in today’s society because we rush everywhere. Patience is truly something I work towards getting better at because my Mum was ever so patient with my five outfit changes a day.  I now go through the same enjoyment with my own daughter but if it doesn’t match, we have issues! It needs to look just like Elsa from Frozen currently!”

There is simply no way we can ever really thank our mums for all they have done for us, but here is the Top 5 Last Minute Gifts for Mum, delivered quickly and in our signature packaging from ORIRI with love.



::: Samantha Wills jewellery :::

A mix of raw and polished stones, jewels and woods, these accessories are a touch of glam for mum who knows her style. For a personality-plus mother, the Out Of the Dark Collar Necklace in gold is an ombre statement piece. On the other hand, the Southern Sun Bracelet set, a lavish 7-piece set that features a variety of turquoise stones mixed back with gold speckled rope and antique gold textured pendants is a beautiful gift.


::: Samantha Wills photo frames :::

We love Samantha Wills so much we had to feature her twice. Back again, with her beautiful homewares, we love the White Wash Wooden photo frame for mum this year, to store her favourite memories. This hand-carved wooden frame will add a touch of whimsy to your mum’s collection.


::: Not Your Daughters Jeans :::

Isn’t it time she had a pair of jeans that flatter her and give her confidence too? Well, with a name like Not Your Daughters Jeans, mum will be able to add a touch of edginess to her outfit. Give her a pair of the olive twill super skinnies from NYDJ and just maybe, she will leave your wardrobe alone.


::: Josselyn Cape :::

As autumn breezes by, we are ready to cosy up with our next favourite gift, the Josselyn Cape from Lisa Brown that comes in charcoal and crème. The cape can be worn open or tied, features pockets and is perfect for layering. We love it so much its warm embrace, so cosy and luxe, perfect for cuddling up in on those cold nights!


::: Cocolux Grapefruit & Lemongrass :::

With its tangy citrus base and sweet fruity top notes, Cocolux coconut candles are hand poured from an all-natural and sustainable coconut wax blend…and are divine. The candles capture the essence of nature but after burning them in the shop and office, we believe they also capture the nostalgic scent of childhood summer holidays.



Jade says, “My mother’s number one style tip was actually to have inner beauty because in the end, a calm and gentle spirit will forever be beautiful and never fade even when outer beauty does as we age!”

Happy Mother’s day to all the fiercely amazing women out there. We hope you celebrate her on Sunday and help her to live life, beautifully.




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